With technology advancing and new milestones being reached we often have to do an extensive amount of research before knowing exactly which product is right for you. When it comes down to surveillance technology and the types of systems there are more than a few to choose from. 

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Analog systems are what started the surveillance industry and are still  around today. They feature a low cost, low resolution, easy alternative to IP systems. Analog DVR's and cameras are mostly interchangeable, meaning you can mix and match cameras and DVR's from different manufacturers. 



The majority of homes and businesses have some type of network in place.  IP cameras allow video and audio surveillance to be sent over a network using cat5 cable. This allows for a vast improvement over analog  systems such as wifi cameras, Power over Ethernet or POE, and most importantly extremely high megapixel resolution. 



High Definition Transmit Video Interface of HD-TVI. This new technology allows a simple solution for the consumer looking for their first system or already has a system installed and wants to upgrade to high  definition without breaking the bank. HD-TVI works by sending high definition video over coaxial cable. This technology allows owners of  existing analog systems to upgrade to high definition video with their existing cable. 

These devices can be supported by smart phones, tablets, and computers.   You can view your camera in real time, record, and watch recorded  footage.  They also support multiple users simultaneously.  

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