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Consultation, Installation, and Service

Consultation, Installation, and Service

  • We make your family's safety our top priority, with security cameras and solutions to fit any budget.
  • When it comes to the security of your home, possessions, and family, you can't be too careful. We've built our reputation on the installation of  the industry's most comprehensive and technologically advanced security and surveillance camera systems. 
  • Security does not end with your home, your business is part of your life too.  Omega Security Solutions has ways to make you business,  office, warehouse, or retail company safe and secure. 
  • Call us today for a free security screening and estimate, 832-370-8247.

Solutions for All Security Needs

 Omega  Security Solutions can customize a system to your needs. Whether you  own an office, warehouse, factory, or retail space, we have a solution  to your needs.   

See What You Are Missing

Our cameras can be supported by smart phones, tablets, and computers.   You can view your camera in real time, record, and watch recorded  footage.  They can be used by multiple users can use them simultaneously across town, the country or the world.   

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